Tuesday, 2 May 2017

5 Best Prescription Glasses for Sports

When an active lifestyle demands prescription glasses that won’t get in the way, consumers will find a long list of options available to them. Prescription glasses for sports are offered by some of the biggest names in the frame-making industry. While making the final selection will depend a lot on personal style and specific activity-related needs, some brand names are considered the cream of the crop in regard to quality, diversity and style.

Here are five of the most popular brand names to consider when selecting prescription glasses for active use:
  • Ocean Waves – This company offers an extensive line of sunglasses that range from those meant for pure fun to those designed for active wear use. To find suitable frames for physical activities and sports, consider this company’s lightweight, but durable frames that provide a snug, but comfortable fit that prevents slippage.
  • Cebe – This company offers a large line of prescription eyeglasses that are ideal for most sports-related activities. Rugged, yet lightweight and comfortable, Cebe prescription glasses for sports also are available in a diversity of colors.
  • Serengeti – As their name suggests, many Serengeti frames are meant for rugged use, but they don’t lack in style. For sports use, consider frames by this manufacturer that offer thicker arms meant to fit snuggly around the head to prevent slippage during wear.
  • Oakley – These frames are practically synonymous with an active lifestyle. While Oakley is famed for its off-the-shelf sunglasses, some frames in the line can be transformed into prescription wear. This maker’s frames are loved by those who require wide coverage, a snug fit, durability and a lightweight feel.
  • Ray Ban – This big name in the eyeglass frame world also makes designs that are suitable for active use.
Picking the perfect pair of prescription glasses for sports depends a lot on personal taste, style and the level of activity anticipated. In most cases, some of the best names in sunglasses will offer styles that are highly suitable for sports use. When making the final selection, consider the coverage provided, durability and the stiffness of the arms. A comfortable, but firm fit is often a must for sports use. Sports straps for glasses can also be a smart upgrade to consider to ensure prescription glasses stay in place during intense activity.

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