Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Popular Eyeglasses for Men and Women - The Basics of Eyeglass Shopping

Shopping for a pair of eyeglasses can be daunting. After all, you are buying something that you will put on your face—something that can dramatically affect the way you look. The wide variety of designs and price points available can make the selection process even more difficult. But worry not, because we have some tips. 

1. Match the frame to the shape of your face.
The first step is to determine the shape of your face and then find the right frame that will compliment your best features. Your face shape and frame should be contrasting while the frame size must be proportionate to your face size. For example, walnut-shaped or square frames are ideal for faces with an oval shape.

2. Consider the color of your eyes, hair, and skin complexion when choosing the frame color.
It's hard to go wrong with black frames if you want something classic. But don’t be afraid to go for bright colored frames especially if it suits your skin complexion. You can also match the color of your eyes to the color of your frame.

3. Search for what's in and what's out.

If you want to look trendy and fashionable even if you are four-eyed, look at what the celebrities are wearing. You can also look to fashion bloggers for inspiration. 

Some of the best places where you can find the latest eyeglasses for men and women today are online optical shops. There you can get great deals whether you are their first-time customer or a loyal fan. Sometimes you can even score designer products at heavily discounted prices. But of course, when getting prescription glasses online, you have to be extra careful. Choose an online shop that has their own optometrists and opticians. The best ones even have their own lens manufacturing facilities.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Picking the Perfect Designer Bolle Prescription Sunglasses

Bolle sunglasses are synonymous to high quality and functional style and comfort. This brand is extremely popular with sports professionals and enthusiasts. Bolle offers an impressive line of eyewear that is designed to protect your sight from harmful UV radiation as well as harsh glare and excessive exposure to the sun. These sunglasses are also great for protecting your eyes from blue light which can be damaging to your retina. If you use electronic devices with bright LED screens for extended periods of time, you can certainly benefit from Bolle’s technology.  

With a multitude of designs and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the right pair of Bolle sunglasses for yourself to fit not just your preferences but also your functional requirements. If you need a high-performance piece of eyewear then you can’t go wrong with this brand. Bolle prescription sunglasses are engineered to deliver the best protection for your eyes both indoors and outdoors. They come in a variety of frame styles. Bolle also has an exclusive line of sunglasses for kids as well and feature the same quality materials and craftsmanship that the brand is known for. The children’s frames also use the same lenses and protective coating technologies that their full size adult sunglasses have. This ensures consistency in terms of materials and build quality throughout Bolle’s entire product range. So whichever pair you try or pick up, you are guaranteed of the best quality and performance for your money.

Ready to invest in your first pair of perfect designer sunglasses? Try out a pair of Bolle prescription sunglasses today and see the difference for yourself. You can also see other models and designs from online distributers and sites to get the best deals and latest styles available.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Eye Health: Are Non-Prescription Glasses as Good as Prescription Glasses?

Being a geek is trendy these days, so some people would prefer to wear non-prescription glasses for the sake of fashion, and there is nothing wrong with wearing them. In fact, those glasses will make it seem like you are peering through a window. It will not affect your vision and cause far- or near-sightedness. However, wearing them could affect your vision if the lenses lack proper coating for anti-UV and anti-blue light, which are two of the reasons why vision could deteriorate faster.

Ultraviolet light from the sun and devices, and blue light from the smartphones and computer monitors most of us use on a daily basis are among the causes for macular degeneration. UV exposure could increase your chances of developing cataracts and wrinkles under and the sides of your eyes, too, and too much blue light may cause sleep problems. So, it is important to buy specialty non-prescription fashion glasses that can protect your eyes from harm. Some glasses can be fitted with anti-reflective lenses to minimize glare from smartphones and computer monitors, especially if you use them on a daily basis at extended periods. That way, you can confidently be stylish without worrying about your vision.

Other types of non-prescription glasses can be found in places like pharmacies and convenience stores, and they are often sold as reading glasses. While they are cheap and handy for emergency purposes, such as when you lost or left your actual prescription glasses, they might be uncomfortable to use in the long run, especially if your eyes have different grades. They might cause safety issues, too, such as when you are driving or walking at night. So, it is best to buy high-quality replacement prescription glasses from an optical shop that has in-house opticians and optometrists. Eye strain, squinting, and discomfort can be minimized if you are wearing the right pair of prescription glasses.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Silhouette Prescription Eyeglasses: Correction and Protection!

Pushing the boundaries of vision correction and eyesight protection ahead, Silhouette prescription eyeglasses have become a true hot favorite, both for those individuals who wear specs as a necessity and those who seek them out for making a style statement. Created with a mix of modern techniques and ingenious design, these glasses are truly a class apart from all the other prescription eyeglass brands available out there. So if you are planning to get a new pair of spectacles, trust Silhouette to protect and correct your vision while uplifting your style quotient to a whole other level of sassiness.

Founded and developed in Austria, Silhouette, as a brand, has always been all about ingenuity and supreme quality. The company understood early on that for many people, wearing prescription eyeglasses can be a major burden, especially when they are not used to having a spectacle frame sitting on their nose all through the day. And so, the makers of Silhouette decided to bring in various revolutionary manufacturing techniques and create unique product designs that will yield a spectacle frame that is light as air. With a special patented technology that allows for the creation of extremely thin titanium frames and their imaginative hinge-free, screw free design, Silhouette is now able to offer some of the most durable and lightweight frames in the market.

So why would you choose to buy a pair of Silhouette prescription eyeglasses? – Because:
  • They can weigh as light as 1.8 grams
  • They stay in place much better than their marker counterparts owing to their built-in superior grip feature.
  • They are discrete (no rims, hinges or even screws!) which means you will hardly notice them on your face.
  • They are perfect for people sensitive to tension headaches, owing to their lighter weight.
  • They can work perfectly with prescription lenses of almost all shapes and sizes.
  • They are minimalistic and bring out an amazingly stylish, sleek and sophisticated side of your personality.

Even NASA swears by Silhouette frames as standard eyewear for its astronauts. So why should you choose to be left behind?! Buy a pair of Silhouette prescription eyeglasses from Kounopt.com and enjoy vision correction and eyesight protection in a package exemplified with style and comfort.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Points to Consider While Buying Branded Sunglasses

Buying branded sunglasses can be a tricky business. Silhouette, GANT, Mercedes-Benz, Bvlgari, Ray-Ban – the options out there are just so many, and each brand has its own unique flavor to add to your look. Now you can always trust branded sunglasses to master the fashion component and, so, you really don’t have to worry much about how stylish these products will be. Instead, it is recommended that you consider quality and feature points while buying branded sunglasses so that the product you eventually end up buying happens to be the perfect fit for your needs. After all, what good is a pair of designer glares if it gets your eyes to squint and water in the sun, eventually leading to a massive headache by the end of the day? So here are some points that you should consider before making your final choice when buying branded sunglasses.
  • Gray – reduce brightness but don’t distort color
  • Brown and Amber - can reduce blue frequency in sunlight as well but will distort colors and make your vision a little hazy.
  • Green – these are great if you are looking for sharper contrast between objects and work well to reduce out glare and brightness.
  • Rose – these are perfect for sportspersons and for wearing during active hours outdoors as they provide the best contrast and glare reduction capabilities.

UV Protection

The ideal choice for you here should be lenses that are able to block out 100% UV rays from the sun. Look for branded sunglasses labelled UV 400 – it denotes that the eyewear is able to block light with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers, offering adequate protection for your eyes against UVA and UVB rays.

Polarized lenses

Rather than simply making your field of vision darker, polarized lenses have the capacity to reduce the glare caused by light that can get reflected off water, snow, and glassy surfaces. They will allow you to see much clearer, especially when you are driving or engaging in a sports activity.

Lens Tints

Different shades have different advantages and you should choose your branded sunglass’ tint based on what works best for you:


Polycarbonate lenses are quite strong and lightweight and do not shatter upon impact, thereby protecting your eyes in case of an accident. Glass is the more common lens option but it is heavier to wear and not as safe as polycarbonate. Frames are also available in different materials, all of which offer varying degrees of durability, comfort, and ease of use.

So evaluate the branded sunglasses options that the market has to offer on the basis of the above mentioned points and choose the pair that works best for your needs. All the best!

Friday, 1 September 2017

Designer Cat Eye Glasses: The Symbol of Fashion First

Cat eye glasses are exactly what they are called—glasses in the shape of a cat’s eyes. Their style is no doubt feminine but edgy, and they can instantly transform even the plainest outfits into a full-on fashion statement. These glasses have a distinctive and attractive shape that is sure to catch attention. They are suitable for people who want to wear their glasses in style. Cat eye glasses come in a wide range of sizes, making it easy for anyone to find a pair that suits them best. They come in plain frames, and there are frames that are embellished with rhinestones and other decorations.

Cat eye glasses first became fashionable in the 1950s, and since then, they have evolved and are now made with different materials and color combinations. These glasses became popular when celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe started wearing them. Today, cat eye glasses are still liked by many because of their femininity and ability to create a bold statement. Cat eyeglasses typically have horn-rimmed and thick frames, and they are more stylized than others. The material of the frame is where the comfort, durability, and safety of the glasses rely. Different materials have different pros and cons. Metal can be easily adjusted to the face, but it can be pricey and not durable in high-impact situations. Nylon, on the other hand, is less expensive and lightweight, and it also lasts longer.

Cat eye glasses are desired by a lot of people, and the high demand sometimes makes them unavailable in brick and mortar shops. Instead of visiting physical stores and getting disappointed when there are no stocks available, it’ll be better if you just order from an online shop. However, you must be careful when choosing an online retailer. There are many counterfeited products that are now sold online, and this means that you first have to make sure that your chosen shop sells authentic products. Also, choose a store that offers a money-back guarantee so that you’ll be protected from defective items. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Choose Perfect Gant Glasses Online

Some people like their eyeglasses to be practically unnoticeable, but there are also some who prefer to wear stylish glasses and wow others. If you are looking for glasses that can amaze others with your style, you might want to get yourself a pair of Gant glasses. The Gant brand started out as a company that manufactures shirts. Over the years, it expanded and became a big clothing brand that now sells more than just clothes. Currently, Gant offers time pieces, fragrances, footwear, and eyewear.

Gant’s collection of glasses is eye-catching, but it’s the type that transcends long after trends have gone. Gant eyeglass frames are classic and timeless, and you can be sure that your glasses will still look fashionable even when the latest styles in frames have already passed. What makes Gant’s eyeglasses great is that they are attractive yet subtle. Gant glasses are so versatile that you can use them with almost any item in your wardrobe. The brand’s glasses are appealing, but they are so much more than just aesthetically pleasing. They are also pretty useful and durable, and wearing them will bring you comfort. Gant eyeglasses are also lightweight, which will allow you to have visual clarity without having to worry about whether you have eyeglass marks on your face. These glasses are made from premium materials, and you have the confidence that your eyeglasses will last for many years as long as you take care of them properly.

One of the best ways to purchase a pair of Gant glasses is to order from an online shop. You’ll find that there are lots of online retailers now. However, not all of them are reputable. Before placing your order, see to it that you have chosen a reliable and established shop. It is also recommended that you choose a shop that offers a guarantee on its products.