Monday, 25 January 2016

Picking the Perfect Designer Bollé Prescription Sunglasses

Bollé is a known brand of high-quality goggles and sunglasses designed specifically for the active lifestyle. Its line of prescription sunglasses delivers the best performance and protection, as well as comfort, fashion, and fit. Bollé prescription sunglasses are among the most technologically advanced eyewear, with frames and styles designed for a wide range of sports and outdoor specialties, as well as versatile eyewear for daily needs. Here are some tips for picking the perfect designer Bollé prescription sunglasses online:

Browse the selection – Explore all Bollé sunglasses to get a look and feel of the many different styles. Think about the activity where you are likely to wear the sunglasses. This way, you can narrow your choices down to styles that are designed specifically for that type of activity. Look for an online store that specializes in selling authentic designer prescription eyewear.

Pick a design according to your activity - Bollé has specialty eyewear for general sports lifestyle, cycling, skiing, tennis, marine, and golf, for men, women, and kids. They come in many frame styles and shapes. Prescription sunglasses for skiing typically have polarized TNS, with lenses that are hydrophobic (repels water), oleophobic (repels fingerprints), anti-fog, and Bollé's signature B-flow technology to help prevent moisture build-up.

Look up the features of the sunglasses – Bollé uses state of the art technology on all its sunglass frames.  For instance, B88 nylon frames are made of the finest grade material to create exceedingly strong yet flexible and lightweight sunglasses. Thermogrip is a hydrophilic material with moisture-absorbing properties to keep the frames in place. Adjustable nosepieces with hypoallergenic nosepads allow a fully customized fit. Spring hinges offers the right amount of tension on the temples for a comfortable and secure fit. 

Hinge type - Pinless hinges provide a sleek and seamless design to link the temples to the frame fonts, without the mechanisms that could wear over time. Click hinges click into secure closed or open positions. Spring hinges are integrated within the frame to provide ample tension on the temples while ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

Calvin Klein Rimless Eyeglass Frames: A Perfect Combination of Style and Quality

Straight from one of the most prominent style houses in the world, Calvin Klein eyeglasses are everything you want in a conventional eyewear. The brand never fails to surprise and delight each season and every time new lines come out. Their collections always seem conventional, but looking closer, you will see the cornerstones of quality, detailing, craftsmanship, and styling inherent in all Calvin Klein products ever created. 

Calvin Klein's rimless eyeglasses, as with their framed designs favor high quality materials, whether they be metal or plastic-based. While metal hardware are standards for quality, many designers are now seeing the value of cellulose acetate (fancy term for plastic) in terms of providing more opportunities for shape, color, and embellishment. 

If you want rimless eyeglasses that exude luxury, vitality, and individuality, Calvin Klein's lines are something to consider. The brand offers vast collections of highly fashionable eyeglasses, inspired by classic and modern designs alike. They are known for their highly sophisticated styles that represent sleek modernity while maintaining classic flair. Calvin Klein glasses also feature immaculate details, combined with the pizzazz of innovative materials. Their eyewear designs reinvent quality and durability by blending minimalism with complexity. They make use of varied colorations, tasteful embellishments, and unique architectural detailing, resulting in fashionable masterpieces that suit every taste. 

If you are looking for something a little bit more edgy, Calvin Klein's Platinum label features designer accessories and products that emphasize distinct colors and sleek, modern lines, with a nice balance of unique edge and sophisticated sensuality. All these, without compromising quality and durability. Platinum label eyewear combines sophisticated hardware with bold designs, color choices, and fashion forward styles that flatter any face shape. In addition to style, Calvin Klein eyeglasses also ensure maximum UV protection, especially for those who wear prescription pairs.

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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Shopping for Eyeglasses Online – How to choose a Nice Pair?

You can buy a good pair of eyeglasses online from anywhere at your convenience. The process of ordering eyeglasses online is simple and easy. All you need to do is spend 10-15 minutes of your time on a well-known website for eyeglasses, enter your details for your eye power and choose a frame that fits and appeals to you. As a final step, do not forget to read the terms and conditions of payments, delivery, returns and refunds before you make the purchase.

Style and color will largely depend on personal taste, but remember to pick a frame that suits your face type. As a rule of thumb, avoid frame shapes that match your face shape. Round faces should avoid circular or oval frames, while people with angular faces should avoid rectangular or square frames. If you have an oval face, feel free to experiment.

Frame selection is relatively easy. What stumps people is frame size and lens type.

Frame size
It is very important to be aware of the three components of your frame size. They are the eye, bridge, and the temple size. Eye size refers to the width of the lens frame, bridge size is the width of the gap near the nose rests or nose pads while temple size is the length of the ‘arms’ of the frame. If you already have a pair of eyeglasses, look for a series of these three numbers, usually printed on the inside of the arms. They denote these sizes in millimeters and can help you find your size quickly.

If the website offers sizes as small, medium or large, a quick way to tell your size is described here. Stand in front of a mirror and measure the distance (use a folded sheet of paper or string) from the nasion (the part where the nose meets the forehead) to the outer edge of one of the eyes. If the distance is less than 6 cm (2.5 inches), your size is small. If it is considerably larger, your size is, well, large. Otherwise, choose medium.

Lens type
You need to know whether you require single vision or multi-focal lens. Single vision lenses are for correcting near or far vision, however not both. The multi-focal lens is recommended for individuals who need both, but do not wish to use separate glasses for reading and regular use.

The common materials used to make lenses are crown glass, CR-39 plastic, polycarbonate and high index plastic. CR-39 and glass lenses are thicker and heavier, but are quite cheap. Glass lenses can also shatter, so must be avoided for children’s eyeglasses. High-quality lenses are usually made from polycarbonate or its more modern avatar, Trivex. These are extremely resistant and fairly lightweight. High index plastic is a relatively new material developed in response to the demand for thin high power lenses. Both polycarbonate and high index plastic block UV completely.

Designer Women Eyeglasses – Because You Deserves the Best

Eyeglasses are the perfect way to display your personality and style. The right pair of eyeglasses can set up the perfect look. Whether you want to go for something unique or just a regular pair of sunglasses, you have plenty of options to choose from. There is an incredible variety in design, shapes, style, color, and materials for eyeglasses. What you pick needs to be based on factors like face shape, budget, desired look, etc. To make the right choice you must know a few points that can assist you in picking the trendiest pair to compliment your wardrobe. 

Oval Frames Are a Hit – Again
These came first in the long line of trendy eyeglasses. Few people realized that they are here to stay. These are frames that fit only some face types but do well when used in basic colors. If you like to experiment a bit, some fashion experts suggest you try neon shades in oval shapes.

Dynamic Shades
It’s time to experiment like never before. Just when you thought of only dark eye make up for the season, the experts revealed that it’s okay to go a dark when it comes to eyewear too. This means you can use anything from angular lines to bridges that are darker than usual. You can opt for pitch-black frames and choose stripes to make the frames look better than before.

Neutral Tones
When you are confused about what to choose, the best bet is to go with quintessential neutral colored frames. To add some variety to that, opt for details that are not too loud and mild colors that fall in the neutral bracket. Try anything from pastels to simple shades.

Sports Wear
It can be a good bet to go with a little athletic makeover. The sporty eye frames are always a hit for this. These also come with mirrored lenses, and you can choose from bright colors like lime greens and lovely pinks too. There are many frames that fit the sportswear section, and not all of them resemble the wrap around or uniframe style that you see most professional athletes wear.

Retro Is ‘Always’ In 
There are some frames that go with any look even as fashion trends change. If you like the retro look, then you will love these frames. These are primarily for those who love something trendy and work well with women in their 30s. At the same time, don’t go over the top with bold colors. They may look good on magazine covers, but don’t always work well for regular use.

There are many ways to choose the best frames for you. The best ones can be expensive, but it is the price you pay for quality. Since eyeglasses are going to last you a long time, it is best to choose a style that suits your wardrobe in all seasons.