Monday, 21 March 2016

Gucci Prescription Eyeglasses - A Practical Stylish Device

The fashion house of Gucci was established in the 1920’s in Italy. Founder Guccio Gucci was inspired by the English nobility aesthetic and created small luggage and leather goods. Now, the Gucci group is one of the most valuable brands according to Forbes magazine. Throughout the decades, Gucci has managed to stay true to its noble roots when it comes to design. The brand now carries fashion accessories including sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

Back in the 1930’s, Gucci’s clients were mostly horse-riding aristocrats—a trend that gave birth to the now iconic Horsebit. The Horsebit icon has also been incorporated into Gucci’s eyewear line. There are eyeglasses that use the Horsebit as the connector for the main lenses and the ear pieces. This symbol can either come in metal, bamboo, or even studded in crystals.

In the 1940’s Gucci experimented with luxury materials such as jute, line, and hemp. This gave rise to the Bamboo bag. Bamboo is an iconic Gucci material, and you can find eyewear that uses such bamboo materials.

Another trademark of Gucci is the green-red-green stripes, which came about in the 1950’s. This can be commonly seen on their bags and clothing line as well as prescription eyeglasses. The green-red-green stripe is usually painted on the ear pieces for a sleek and modern look.

In the next decade, Gucci created another iconic detail, the interlocking G’s. This design in detail can be found on buckle belts and watches and also on prescription eyeglasses. Instead of the entire Gucci name, an interlocking pair of Gs can be found on the side of eyewear. Sometimes, the interlocking G forms a heart.

Gucci came into prominence thanks to its sophisticated designs, which caught the attention of notable celebrities and figures of elegance. The brand continues to forge into the world of fashion brining in craftsmanship and innovation. When you wear a pair of Gucci prescription eyeglasses, you earn instant style points.

Calvin Klein Women’s Eyeglasses - The Pride and Joy of a Wearer

Calvin Klein is one of the most popular brands of today, thanks to their advertising campaigns that feature notable celebrities. The fashion house was founded by Calvin Klein and started out as a coat and dress shop back in 1968. Now, the brand has further expanded and carries everything from eyewear to underwear. Licensing for products such as sunglasses and shoes were acquired in 1977.

Calvin Klein is all about modern sophistication and elegance. This theme can be seen in all the frames offered under their optical collection. The brand is able to create super stylish eyeglasses that are easy to use and pair with things you already have in your closet. One of the best things about Calvin Klein eyewear is that they offer unisex frames. Unlike other brands that scream out their name, Calvin Klein eyewear only uses discreet markings or logos (sometimes the entire brand name in very small letters, or just the initials ‘CK’). Calvin Klein is the designer that started the fad of putting one’s logo onto the back pocket of jeans, so it’s no surprise that the optical collection also carries the brand’s name.

Wearing Calvin Klein sunglasses is not just stylish but also practical. All eyeglasses are made from high-quality and durable materials so they are long-lasting. Aside from that, the lenses offer 100% UV protection to keep your eyes healthy and safe. Calvin Klein eyewear marries style with comfort. Eyeglasses from Calvin Klein are sleek and modern, with a timeless elegance that others don’t have.

Order Calvin Klein women’s eyeglasses today! Always purchase from a reputable seller. Your Calvin Klein eyeglasses should come in a hard case to prevent cracking and other damage. Your eyeglasses should also come with a silk cloth that you can use to safely wipe the lenses clean.