Thursday, 25 May 2017

Calvin Klein Eyeglasses – The Pride and Joy of a Wearer

One of the most well-known brand names in the world is Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein started as a clothing brand in 1968, but its success has led it to evolve into an established premium lifestyle brand worldwide. The company offers a variety of accessories that are both fashionable and practical, and the brand carries everything—from underwear to eyewear.

Calvin Klein Eyeglasses
When looking for Calvin Klein eyeglasses, it may be best for you to check out online shops so that you will be able to choose from a wide range of choices. However, you should see it to that the online shop is reputable and that it sells authentic braded eyewear. The most reliable online retailers of Calvin Klein eyeglasses can offer you eyewear at a heavily discounted price, and guarantee you that your purchase will be delivered within 36 hours.

Calvin Klein’s successful advertising campaigns feature notable celebrities, so the brand is instantly associated with sophistication and class. The frames showcased in their eyewear collection certainly reflect this elegance. Calvin Klein offers really fashionable eyeglasses that can be easily used and paired with almost any outfit you may have in your closet. One advantage about Calvin Klein eyewear is that it offers unisex frames. Apart from that, Calvin Klein eyewear only uses subtle logos or markings—which may be ideal for you if you are not fond of brands that scream out their name.

Calvin Klein eyeglasses are not just stylish—they are functional and durable too. All of brand’s eyeglasses are built from durable and high-quality materials, assuring you that you can wear your glasses for many years to come. Aside from being durable, Calvin Klein eyeglasses also help keep your eyes safe and healthy since their lenses offer 100% UV protection. The brand’s eyewear is comfortable to wear, and it is sleek and modern as well.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

5 Things Nobody Told You about Eyeglasses

While not everyone who has to wear them loves them, eyeglasses are pretty remarkable creations. Enabling those who cannot see clearly on their own to achieve 20/20 vision when the right prescription is selected, these tools can be lifechanging for those who previously muddled through their days squinting and straining to see everything around them.

For folks who need some reasons to fall in love with eyeglasses, here are a few interesting facts about these handy vision-correcting devices:

They’ve been around for centuries – Although just who is responsible for making the very first pair of eyeglasses remains a matter of historical debate, the first records indicating the use of prescription lenses date to the 1280s. The creations were, of course, cumbersome by today’s standards, but were reportedly lauded as major breakthroughs for the vision impaired.

Sunglasses have been around a long time, too – While folks in the 12th century may not have necessarily known about the sun’s damaging UV rays, they did understand bright light could be problematic. Sunlight, after all, leads to squinting, which can impair vision. With that in mind, the first sunglasses were reportedly developed in China during this period. The lenses evidently made from smoky quartz. 

Major advances took some time to arrive – Good old Benjamin Franklin is credited with a long list of inventions, including one that had major impacts for people who suffered for common vision concerns. This American Founding Father is credited with creating the first pair of bifocals to address simultaneous concerns with myopia and presbyopia.

Frames evolved over time – Eyeglass frames have undergone a major evolution since their initial introduction. Early frames were reportedly made of copper, wood, lead or even bone or leather. A French optician is credited with creating the first frames that more readily resemble those made today.

Corrections for astigmatisms are a fairly recent advance – While corrective lenses had been around since the 1200s, people who suffered from astigmatism didn’t find effective relief until the 1820s. England’s Sir George Biddle Airy is created with the creation of the first lenses to address this concern.

While it’s easy to take glasses for granted today, these devices that transform vision in the blink of an eye have a pretty extraordinary history.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

5 Best Prescription Glasses for Sports

When an active lifestyle demands prescription glasses that won’t get in the way, consumers will find a long list of options available to them. Prescription glasses for sports are offered by some of the biggest names in the frame-making industry. While making the final selection will depend a lot on personal style and specific activity-related needs, some brand names are considered the cream of the crop in regard to quality, diversity and style.

Here are five of the most popular brand names to consider when selecting prescription glasses for active use:
  • Ocean Waves – This company offers an extensive line of sunglasses that range from those meant for pure fun to those designed for active wear use. To find suitable frames for physical activities and sports, consider this company’s lightweight, but durable frames that provide a snug, but comfortable fit that prevents slippage.
  • Cebe – This company offers a large line of prescription eyeglasses that are ideal for most sports-related activities. Rugged, yet lightweight and comfortable, Cebe prescription glasses for sports also are available in a diversity of colors.
  • Serengeti – As their name suggests, many Serengeti frames are meant for rugged use, but they don’t lack in style. For sports use, consider frames by this manufacturer that offer thicker arms meant to fit snuggly around the head to prevent slippage during wear.
  • Oakley – These frames are practically synonymous with an active lifestyle. While Oakley is famed for its off-the-shelf sunglasses, some frames in the line can be transformed into prescription wear. This maker’s frames are loved by those who require wide coverage, a snug fit, durability and a lightweight feel.
  • Ray Ban – This big name in the eyeglass frame world also makes designs that are suitable for active use.
Picking the perfect pair of prescription glasses for sports depends a lot on personal taste, style and the level of activity anticipated. In most cases, some of the best names in sunglasses will offer styles that are highly suitable for sports use. When making the final selection, consider the coverage provided, durability and the stiffness of the arms. A comfortable, but firm fit is often a must for sports use. Sports straps for glasses can also be a smart upgrade to consider to ensure prescription glasses stay in place during intense activity.