Thursday, 25 August 2016

How Can Guess Eyeglass Frames Add to Your Style Statement?

Fashion and style are among the principles of Guess as a prominent lifestyle brand. While Guess started out in the early 1980s as a clothing line when it introduced its iconic denim jeans, this fashion house later ventured further into developing more products like timepieces, children's clothing, and high-quality eyewear. Guess eyeglasses are able to add to the wearer's style statement through their unique range of designs, colors, and patterns. Hence, you should be able to find the perfect Guess eyeglass frames that can go with your character or personality, and help you flaunt your own personals style.

Guess eyeglass frames are considered status symbols, too. They may not be as luxurious as Cartier and other higher-end designer brands, but they have found a following in wearers who are looking for functional, durable, and stylish eyewear. The styles of Guess eyeglass frames range from bold colors and patterns that fearlessly tap into edgy trends, to conservative and minimalist lines that suit wearers who prefer low-key and timeless eyewear. Guess offers eyewear that come in a color blocked design or are embellished with rhinestones to suit the high-fashion sense.

The frames of Guess eyeglasses are offered in three styles: fully rimmed, semi-rimless, and rimless. Consulting a face shape guide can help you pick the right shape that will suit and flatter the shape of your face. For instance, if you have an oval face, consider walnut-shaped frames and wide frames. Alternatively, you may contact an optical shop that is authorized to carry authentic Guess eyeglass frames.

Seasoned optical shops have a team of opticians and optometrists who are qualified to give advice and tips. They use high-end freeform machinery to customize your prescription eyeglass lenses and insert them securely into the frames of your choice. Guess eyeglass frames are durable and made of high-quality materials that are lightweight and comfortable for extended wear, so you do not have to worry about feeling any discomfort that could affect the way you flaunt your own personal style.

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